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What is GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It provides you with the flexibility in querying only the data you need for your endpoints.

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GraphQL at Searchmetrics

At Searchmetrics we are handling a huge volume of data and using GraphQL has helped the development of our Searchmetrics Suite by letting developers specifying only the data they need for a given view. It usually saves a lot of round trips for nested data structures and its strong typing serves as a specification contract with our API server.

GraphQL Schema

The documentation in our explorer comes from the Searchmetrics GraphQL schema. All calls are validated and executed against the schema. Use these docs to find out what data you can call.


GraphQL comes with fantastic tooling, such as GraphiQL

This is a playground where you can access our full queries documentation, find all possible available fields and start forming queries in isolation where you can even use variables if you want to.

GraphQL Client

The way you call our API is completely up to you, internally for JavaScript we are using Relay for our Searchmetrics Suite and Apollo for smaller projects.

Learn more in our examples.